Friday, June 16, 2017

ECE Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Hjalti Sigmarsson has been selected to chair both the “Radar Systems Modelling” session at the 13th European Radar Conference and the “Additive Manufacturing and Technological Approaches for Passive Components” session at the 46th European Microwave Conference. Both events will be held in London, England as part of what is called the European Microwave Week (
Dr. Jorge Salazar and Dr. Caleb Fulton have been selected to chair the "Dual-Polarization Weather Radar Arrays session" at the 2016 IEEE Phased Array Systems and Technology Symposium.
Dr. Chad Davis received the prestigious Brandon H. Griffith award at the annual E-Week Banquet at the University of Oklahoma.  This college-wide award was established in 1969 in honor of Professor Brandon H. Griffith to recognize excellence in teaching and extraordinary support for students.
Dr. Rui Q. Yang A team led by Rui Q. Yang, has reached a major milestone in the development of interband cascade lasers by creating a robust technology that operates at room temperature and works continuously—an important component for building practical systems.
Dr. Yang, who invented the interband cascade laser, proposed the concept 20 years ago. He continues to perfect the technology for use in multiple applications, such as detecting pipeline leaks, finding new oil and gas wells and in the NASA Mars rover Curiosity. Yang owns four patents on interband cascade lasers and related devices with interest in assisting the technology transfer and commercialization of these semiconductor device components. Yang continues to collaborate with NASA, Sandia National Laboratory and others on his research. Dr. Yang was elected a fellow of The Optical Society (OSA). He was also recently elevated to Fellow member of the IEEE for his contributions to the mid-infrared interband cascade laser and related optoelectronic devices.
Dr. J. R. Cruz Professor and Tilley Chair of Electrical Engineering, is now serving as Director, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), he was appointed to his new position July 1, 2014.

J. R. is a nationally recognized educator and researcher, with extensive experience both in industry and academia. He started his career as an engineer and task leader at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, and later became a member of the research staff of Motorola.  He is a world-renowned expert in signal processing and coding for magnetic recording and is currently the principal investigator on a three-year NSF project to develop the next generation of two-dimensional magnetic recording technologies.  J. R. is a Fellow of the IEEE "for contributions to communications signal processing and education," and Distinguished Lecturer of two IEEE societies:  Communications and Vehicular Technology. He holds several patents and counts among his numerous scholarly publications the Best Paper Prize at the 2007 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC).  His professional service activities include Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology and Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics.  He has been elected to two terms as President of the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, and is currently the Vice-President in charge of worldwide conferences.  Over the years, he has served the University of Oklahoma in many capacities, including Chairman of the Research Council.
Dr. N. Goodman has been selected to chair the Applications technical track at the 2014 IEEE International Radar Conference.

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